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The project aims at providing the Lori Region with access to solar energy.

Lori Region is in the north of Armenia, bordering Georgia. It is the third region by its size with population of 217 400. The administrative center of the region is Vanadzor city.

Hayastan Fund continues to promote solar energy in Armenia and Artsakh. The project aims at providing the Lori Region with access to solar energy.
In stages, it is planned to install photovoltaic solar power stations in all 450 public buildings of the region (school, kindergarten, community center, museum, theater, etc.), which will not only reduce the electricity costs of state structures, save state budget funds, but also provide opportunity to gain profit from the produced surplus of energy. In addition, it will contribute to the improvement of environment.

It is planned to install alternative solar (ON GRID) photovoltaic stations on Vanadzor # 3 school after H. Tumanyan, as well as Vanadzor Kindergartens #2, #5, #11 and #35. It is worth mentioning that Municipality of Vanadzor has undertaken co-financing of the project by covering the 20% of Vanadzor’s kindergartens costs, whereas the school will cover 20% of its costs.
The Fund also stresses the importance of the Solar Lori project’s educational component, which includes Sustainable development training. The goal of the training is to offer teachers innovative methods of sustainable development, which will allow them to provide advanced and effective lessons to their students, and to instill in school students a love and care of the environment and natural resources.

The educational part of the program is entrusted to the Swiss KAZA charity foundation, which is already training 36 teachers from 24 schools in Vanadzor and 12 schools in Alaverdi. However, due to the state of emergency declared in the country, the project has suspended trainings, which is mandatory considering its specific methodology. Distant lessons are going on.