Reconstruction of the Irrigation Network of the Botanical Garden

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The Yerevan Botanical Garden is located in the Avan district at the north-eastern part of Yerevan, occupying around 80 hectares of a semi-deserted area. The collection includes more than 200 species of endemic, rare, and declining plants, and provides a basis, in a relatively natural environment, for the study of the Armenian flora and the ecological interactions between plant species. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the financial resources for the parks disappeared, and yet further damage was inflicted upon the garden by the great energy crisis of 1988, when many trees were cut down to be burnt as fuel for heating. At present, the specialists of the garden are in the process of repairing and restoring the garden and are expanding the existing collection. The glasshouses of the botanical garden currently house some 300 species of tropical and sub-tropical plants.

With the generous support of Karen and Mickael Vardanyan, the Fund will reconstruct the water irrigation network of the Botanical Garden which will lead to plant growth and help boost other essential supports to the agricultural requirements.